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Better 3RD


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Lowell may be a Gold Glover, but Cabs range is more impressive. Cabs moves to his left very well, while Lowell looked like he was wearing cement boots most of the time.


Let's see just how consistent Cabs can be this year.


what? :blink: lowell was a great third-basemen..cabs has looked decent so far. miguel's arm is an upgrade..but not many runners beat out a throw from lowell. we've seen a lot of lowell over at third base-gold glove winners don't look like they're "wearing cement boots"-but we haven't seen much of miguel at all. maybe, hopefully he will be a lowell over there but don't count on the goldglove while rolen is healthy

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Guest Festa

lowell has the best fielding percentage in the history of the national league..


This isnt even close



This is why fielding statistics are the most flawed statistic in baseball.


Anyone who has seen Miguel and Lowell play 3rd will tell you Cabrera is a lot better.

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