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Second Guessing: Why not walk David Wright


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I have no defensable stance, the only reasoning I can think of is this:


There were 0 outs. Any ground ball would have resulted in only the 'sure' out either at home (in the event of a force) or at first base (runners at the corners and Wright grounds out). In such a situation, there would have again been a runner on third base in the next at bat, but with one out...again meaning anything other than a ground ball or strikeout and the game is over.


Really, Girardi figured we'd have to get lucky twice and then earn an out the third time...there's no point in strategizing with zero outs and the game pretty much hanging on luck, especially with the way it can mess up Martinez' rhythm.

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Guest Juanky

I agree.....the only reason I can think of for not walking Wright in that situation is because Martinez is so young, there was a chance he would have irrevocably lost control and walked Nady to end it. However, if he would have brought in Johnson to face Nady after having Martinez walk Wright, then I really don't understand it.

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