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Hurricane Isabelle is expected to come ashore somewhere near South Carolina/North Carolina/Virginia. Due to the sheer size of thise storm, it is very possible that Tropical Storm, if not Hurricane Force winds, could strike the cities of Philadelphia and Atlanta, delaying and postponing games.


KYW CBS 3 Philadelphia

http://kyw.com/news/topstories_story_256095244.html (AP Story - same as below)



WGCL CBS 46 Atlanta

http://www.cbs46.com/Global/story.asp?S=1442192 (AP Story - same as above)


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This is gay!

My guess, is that when the hurricane hits the Philly area, it will be in the last game of our series, and it won't be nearly as strong!

The Atlanta series won't be affected!

Actually, I was listening to the radio and they said what I posted above, so I checked out the maps, and it is possible we could see an interruption. Tell me, how are the Marlins going to fly/drive/rail to Hotlanta from Philly if the storm will be there on the day we are supposed to travel?

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Gotta love the Simpson quotes. :thumbup

hahah if you go to the Post Your Picture thread in the off topic section you'll get like 20 simpson quotes. Admin and i were quoting back anf forth. also it is a very humorous thread if you care to read all 26 pages (and still going strong)


as for Isabella, go away!!! we need these games!! but how cool would it be if they decided to play the games down here in florida!

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Bativia NY?

That isn't the Isabel yet, is it?

No, but Isabel will be there on our Philly-to-Atlanta travel day. We have no day off, so it would have been overnight travel, but with so much rain/wind, it would be hard. no that isnt Isabel. I'm in Greenville, SC (2 hrs east of ATL) and we havent felt any effects of the hurricane yet. We had some drizzling yesterday, but I read on Weather.com that it was just some scattered showers, and not part of the hurricane (it is in fact part of the cold front that came thru last week).

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