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wat is wrong with the train


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From the Herald:




But as Willis was about to step out of the dugout, he spotted Joe Girardi and stopped.


''Excuse me,'' Willis said, getting his manager's attention.


Thus ensued a lengthy and oftentimes engrossing discussion between the two, one that would consume the next two to three innings in the Marlins' 7-6 loss Saturday night, their ninth setback in a row at Dolphin Stadium.


''Don't lose confidence in me,'' Willis said he told Girardi when they started talking, sitting side-by-side as the Marlins nearly pulled off a successful comeback after falling behind 7-0.


"I'm going to go out there, and I'm going to get it done. I promise you.''



''You know Dontrelle, you know it's killing him,'' Girardi said. ``He expects a lot better than what happened tonight. One of the things you love about him is he takes responsibility for what happens.''


So this was the basic advice Girardi said he imparted to his star pitcher: ``Don't panic.''


''I was telling him that I never questioned his effort, his heart, his ability to pitch in any game,'' Girardi said. "Things will get better for him, because he's too good.''



''Too many long counts,'' Girardi said. ``[Willis] must find a way to put hitters away quicker, and he will. He's too good not to. I think he's trying too hard, because I think he realizes the importance of his starts. But I try to preach to him that one start is no more important than another.''



As for Willis, he said he'll be ready for his next start.


''This isn't the first time I've struggled,'' he said. ``It won't be my last. My confidence is up.''










I do not think there is much to be worried about.

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