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A question about Kris Harvey


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He is the next coming of Miguel Cabrera. I am not just saying that because he is a legacy and my baby marlin though




His bat isnt tearing it up but he has been solid for the year so far. He has a killer arm and potential to be good. But he is 22 and playing at A ball. He needs to prove he can move up and get it together to really progress into future plans.


I would love to see him get some time at 1B perhaps if Jacobs keeps struggling he could have a future there. But, it might be a waste of that killer arm he has.

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I'm Pullin' for the Kid ! (Harvey) but he gets an extremely late jump on the balls hit to the outfield. He seems to be turning possible outs into base hits for the opposing team. It looks like he would be a better infielder. He does have a good arm and can run but does need a better eye at the plate. He still has a lot to prove if he wants to move quick through the system.

Carolina, I doubt it this year. Maybe next year but thats pretty optimistic.

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I'd hope not.


I might be wrong, but with the rocket launcher he has, I assume he is penciled in @ LF in the near future.


My guess would be Willingham or Jacobs gets 1B permanently and the other is moved, when Harvey is ready. Might be wrong though.

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