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new roles in Marlin bullpen


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Yup, everybody is going to have a bad game once in a while. It's just the law of averages...even Jack McKeon. I've been pretty hard on him but I still don't think he knows how to use his pitchers...and he's got some pretty damn good ones too!

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everyone blows games you idiots

True. But why blow the two biggest game of your career?


He just didn't blow the games, he got pummeled the last two outings.


Looper is part of the Marlins success on 2003, but just because he was good earlier in the season you can't just put the team fate on someone who is not getting the job done.


If I was Jack, I would bring Uggy for 1 or 2 run lead situations and get Looper to close 3+ run leads situations.


If Loopers gets his groove back, then let him take the role again.


He lacks the confidence at this time, putting him to close another close game may kill him for the rest of the season.


Look at the body language from Uggy when he gives up a run or a hit. "It's OK, next!". I think Uggy has the right attitude to close games.

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One thing's for sure:

McKeon's got some decisions to make, the next time the 9th inning comes around & the Marlins are up by 1...


I have a feeling he'll stick with Looper, but they're certainly not making it easy for him. The Braves are the best team in the NL and this was a combined failure of both Urbina and Looper. I don't care if it was Sheffield that hit the homer, his count the same as everyone else's. I'm not absolving Looper, he sucked the big one tonight. Just saying I think Jack will stay with him. Another blown save might cost him the job, unfortunately one more blown save could also cost them a playoff spot.


I'm liking what I've seen from Helling. Throwing strikes.

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yea but is he perfect in his career?




thanks anyway

I don't think anyone was actually implying there was sucha thing thing as a perfect closer. Gagne has been as close as anyone can possibly get to being perfect and if you're trying to argue that you're the only idiot here.


Every reliever will blow some games, but Looper has blown back to back huge games and that IS NOT ACCEPTABLE when you're in a race like we are in right now. Urbina has been lights out for the most part as a Marlin. Did he give up a few runs up tonight? Sure, but he didn't beat himself with bad control like Looper has been, a good player beat a good pitch, and theres nothing anyone can do about that.


Looper's lost all his confidence and if you're still willing to stick with him because he bailed Vladimir Nunez out of a game three months ago, you should be the last person pointing the finger when talking about idiots.

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Chad Fox has been okay but Helling has been excellent. He had those 4 shutout innings, on Friday the 12th, and didn't pitch again til last night!

Fox, and Helling, with his .71 ERA, should share setup roles, for Uggy.

Looper can get his confidence back when we take a big lead on Atlanta today.

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