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Thoughts on team just before the break.


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Hi! Do you know us? We're a Major League Baseball team!

This, sadly is how we started the year.


I'm very happy with the way the team has rebounded after the start of the season. Happily surprised about the obvious ones such as Uggla (.307, 13 HR) and Olivo (just think... if he didn't split time) with the bats. Surprisingly, decent averages make up most of our lineup(s). Josh Johnson continues to have solid outings as well as Scotty Olsen and Ricky Nolasco. I'm happy with 80% of our starting rotation.


Disappointments? There are a few. Moehler is one of the big ones. 6.84 ERA and dreadful each of his last three starts. Chris Aguila is another big one. Thank god we took him off the active roster.


Abercrombie is beginning to do better but still makes mistakes, as all rookies will. I won't say he's a disappointment, but he needs to continue to play solid.


As for the remainder of the season, I'd like to see more of the same. Solid outings from our starters and solid backup from the pen which seemed to lack that last game against Boston although they have one of the toughest lineups I've ever seen. As long as this team continues to play well, there's no reason why they won't be able make a run at the wildcard.


Thankfully, we can now say...

People still don't recognize us but we're contenders now!

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This team has amazed me in so many different ways. Some not so good.


I never expected Uggla and Hanley to be anything. They have been great so far but they are still learning. Who would have thought both could possibly be All-Stars.


Reggie and Moe really disappointed me. I really never thought Reggie was going to be great but I expected him to be so-so. Moe is just Moe but I thought he would have a decent ERA- 4's but I was wrong.


I thought Hermida and Hammer were going to hit more homers than they have right now. I kinda expected Hermida to have about 10 or so. Hopefully his power will come along soon.


Olivo has suprised me too. Great arm :thumbup . More homers than I expected.


The starting rotation has gotten so much better since the end of May. We only had 2/3 blow outs and 2 were from when Moe started :plaindance . Oh and the "Instant Messenger" really helped Olsen get in a groove. Thanks Messy!


Bullpen has been great since the end of May.


We have had some rough games but this is a learning year. Gotta learn.


Have fun and keep on winning boys :kiss

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a lot of guys impressed me..

1. Dan Uggla- before the pokey's strange disappearence, I was hopign Uggla would be the backup or the starter at AAA. wow, has this guy impressed not just me but a lot of people. who would of thought that he would be considered for the all-star team? i never thought he'd be as solid defensively as he has been and never thought he'd be hitting over .300 and be tied w/ Cabrera for most HR's on the team. I loved watching his hustle and winning attitutude.


2. Our Record- who would of thought we'd be in third place as of right now, and a half-game (?) out of second..girardi and staff: :notworthy


3. Cabrera- i thought he'd improve but to be hitting .343? :mischief damn that's good..


4. Olivo-i didn't like this signing much at first, especially when i saw he was like a career .233 hitter. now he's hitting .290 w/ 9 HR's ..what a turnaround. his arm has impressed me also.


5. JJ- omg..never thought he'd be the leader on the team in ERA let alone in MLB (i'm sure that's changed as of this last start) ..he's been our ace..


6. Olsen- he's been throwing very well since his talk w/ girardi and punch from messenger..


7. Nolasco- he's been throwing great

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This team has amazed me more than has dissapointed me.


We have only 14,344,500 in payroll and our guys have exceeded my expectations.


I never expected our team to have as many win as we have and to be only 8 games from .500 it just simply amazing. :hat


Dontrelle has disappointed me but he is turning the season around. I really want Reggie to be send down to the minors because he aint ready yet. :mischief


I want Cabs to show why he is the of our team and step up to the plate more often.


Like Holly said, Olivo has suprised me too.He has a great arm and good power.


Our rotation has been more than wonderful. We sure are packed for the future.


I would like Gorardi to send Moe to the Pen and Anibal Sanchez take the 5th spot in our rotation. That way every game may be winnable.


I am more than proud of our guys they have not given up in any single game no matter how bad they are losing. Our team always find ways to battle back.

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I think that the way we started our season was awful,but, throughout the first half of the season the team has shown resiliance and the ability to fight back no matter what. If any team had the start that we had people would have ridden them off. But this team is actually contending, they try to win every game and that is admirable and the only thing you can ask as a fan. This team had a winning June because they might have put it together. They are leaving everything they got on the field.

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I think we need Messenger to give Moehler the old one two. We can turn it into a fish tradition. Anytime a pitcher struggles, have Randy there to enforce.



Classic. Maybe he can knock Abercrombie/Treanor back to Triple-A while he's at it. I know they are there because of circumstance though...

I have to say it is much more fun to see the Marlins this year than in the past few because you know they have an offense and can come back. Even though we lost 2 of 3 I am always excited to see them in person and on TV. I remember the beginning of the season everyone was talking about not losing 100 games and now people are saying we are 7 back of the WC that is awesome.

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