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Postseason predictions


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NLDS Florida Marlins vs San Francisco Giants


Game 1: SF 3 FLA 2--Giants win battle of great pitching for 1-0 series lead.

Game 2: FLA 8 SF 5--Florida bounces back and knocks out Ponson early. 1-1

Game 3: FLA 6 SF 5--Florida wins with dramatic 8th inning HR. FLA 2-1

Game 4: SF 10 FLA 7--Penny does well, but bullpen implodes. 2-2

Game 5: FLA 5 SF 2--Florida advances to NLCS


NLCS Florida Marlins vs Atlanta Braves


Game 1: FLA 6 ATL 4--FLA 1-0

Game 2: ATL 12 FLA 6--Atlanta's bats wake up. 1-1

Game 3: FLA 4 ATL 3--FLA 2-1

Game 4: FLA 11 ATL 4--FLA 3-1

Game 5: ATL 9 FLA 8--3-2

Game 6: FLA 5 ATL 3


Marlins go on to win World Series in 7 games!

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You can't delete someone's opinion because you think it will jinx the team.

McMillan isn't reasonable. He thinks that he is always right and everyone who doesn't agree are idiots.


He joined recently and hasn't learned the way this board works is my guess. (I am giving him the benefit of the doubt on that one.)

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Lose what? We weren't supposed to be in the playoffs!


If we get swept we should get at least 20,000 next year. Any less and the team would be justified in trying to move.

If they are a losing team next year, I wouldn't expect them to average 20K a game. If they pick-up where they left off, we should average 25K a night.

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