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Mets lock Reyes Up Longterm


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According to the New York Daily News, the Mets and Jose Reyes have agreed to terms on a four-year, $23.25 million contract extension with an option for 2011.


Reyes would have been eligible for arbitration for the first time after this season, and he would have been a free agent after 2009. This sets him for life in case he resumes having leg troubles, but he may be costing himself a fair amount of money, especially in his first two years of free agency. As a free agent at age 26, he could have received one of the biggest contracts in baseball history, even if he didn't get much better than he is now. Aug. 3 - 4:00 pm et



Source: http://blogs.nydailynews.com/mets/archives...reyes_signs.php

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Can't fault the Mets but I love how teams do contracts the opposite of how they should be done. Ideally, you buy low and sell high. Well using Reyes as an example, they did the opposite. Remmber 1.5-2 years ago when Reyes was a touted prospect who was injured every other day? His value was nothing because of the injuries and he'd have been lucky to have gotten a league minimum extension. Today, he's having a great season (best of his career) and they pay him the big bucks like he's been doing it for years and years. Boggles the mind. Sorry, thats the end of my rant.

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