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Sortable Team Hitting Stats Ranking

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G:  109 MLB RANKING:  5th (15 way tie) NL RANKING: 2nd (10 way tie)

AB: 3670 MLB RANKING: 29th			  NL RANKING: 15th

R:  509 MLB RANKING: 18th			  NL RANKING:  8th

H:  960 MLB RANKING: 26th			  NL RANKING: 14th

2B:  208 MLB RANKING: 14th			  NL RANKING:  7th

3B:   28 MLB RANKING:  8th  (4 way tie) NL RANKING:  7th  (3 way tie)

HR:  123 MLB RANKING: 13th			  NL RANKING:  6th

RBI:  477 MLB RANKING: 19th			  NL RANKING:  9th

TB: 1585 MLB RANKING: 16th  (2 way tie) NL RANKING:  7th  (2 way tie)

BB:  341 MLB RANKING: 21th			  NL RANKING: 13th

SO:  850 MLB RANKING:  1st			  NL RANKING:  1st

SB:   75 MLB RANKING: 11th  (2 way tie) NL RANKING:  7th

CS:   39 MLB RANKING:  2nd			  NL RANKING:  2nd

OBP: .330 MLB RANKING: 22th  (4 way tie) NL RANKING: 13th  (3 way tie)

SLG: .432 MLB RANKING: 13th			  NL RANKING:  6th

AVG: .262 MLB RANKING: 25th			  NL RANKING: 13th


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