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Torii's punishment


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Torii Hunter doesn't spare his glove if he misses a catch. The Minnesota Twins center fielder puts the offending equipment in a microwave oven for 30 seconds when he fails to make a play and for two minutes when he makes an error. Hunter explained the ritual saying, "That's punishment [for the glove]. You do something bad, you go to hell." Fortunately for Hunter's gloves, he's made just 19 errors in 2,086 chances since winning his first of five straight Gold Gloves in 2001.


:lol roflmao! Now maybe Hanley should start doing the same with his :plain

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"That's punishment [for the glove]. You do something bad, you go to hell."


he's torching the crap outta it. lmao!!!! whatever works for him is fine as long as he rakes in the Gold Glove.


Hanley should ty that lol, maybe it will work for him. That would give himself some discpline wit the glove since it works for Torri.

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On the whole, we support the notion of great vengeance and furious anger against athletic accoutrement. We fully expect that, after his next passed ball, Twins catcher Joe Mauer will be sticking his protective cup in a blender, all the better to rid the defective device of its defensive deficient demons.





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