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Big Papi in the hospital?


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SEATTLE -- One day after it was revealed that Red Sox star David Ortiz was held overnight at Massachusetts General Hospital last weekend, the left-handed-hitting slugger revealed that it was just a minor scare and that he is in good health.


"I'm a healthy son of a [gun]," said Ortiz.


Ortiz, after an exhausting day-night doubleheader on Aug. 18 against the Yankees at Fenway Park, felt dehydrated and was having a hard time sleeping.


Bleary-eyed, he then had to play a 1:25 p.m. ET game against the Yankees on Saturday, which didn't help matters. The condition persisted enough that Ortiz told the team's medical staff what was going on and went to the hospital with one of the team physicians, Dr. Admin Ronan, after the game.


"I was like, I don't know, stressing out and dehydrating and [stuff] like that," said Ortiz. "So, I wasn't feeling too good. I talked to the doctor and they decided to get me to the hospital and keep me overnight. I started feeling it Friday night when I was home. The next day, I was feeling worse. So, I decided to go that night. It was like my whole body cramped. I was just getting IVs and stuff."


He was given a clean bill of health on Sunday morning and played that night against the Yankees, hitting a home run for good measure.


"Yeah, everything was fine," Ortiz said. "It's just stress. When you stress out your whole body can change in a minute. That's what was happening."


The Boston Herald, citing a blog entry on a site called www.carpundit.typepad.com, first reported the news of Ortiz's trip to the hospital on Thursday night. According to the report, doctors told him he had an irregular heartbeat.


Ortiz didn't deny that in his session with reporters on Friday, but the All-Star also didn't go into great specifics about his meeting with the doctors at Mass. General.


"They said, 'What you're feeling is because of this. So, we need to [administer treatment] for you to feel better,'" said Ortiz.


Since his release from the hospital, Ortiz has been his usual powerful self at the plate. As the Red Sox snapped out of their six-game losing streak by winning two in a row in Anaheim, Ortiz homered in both games.


He thinks that his bout with dehydration and stress was a large product of Boston's hectic travel schedule of late. The team, after a flight delay, landed from Kansas City in the wee hours of Aug. 10 and played later that night at Fenway against the Orioles. The Red Sox did have an off-day on Aug. 17, but then immediately jumped back into it with a five-game series against the Yankees.


The fact that the Red Sox were swept by the Yankees did not help matters for Ortiz, a fierce competitor who takes losing as hard as any player on the team.


"We got [delayed] flying on our way home, we got home kind of late, then we had to play all those games against New York," Ortiz said. "You know, it's a lot of stress going on out there, plus seeing the [beating] that we got. I don't know, I think all that had something to do with it. I wasn't feeling good at the time."


Ortiz was asked how much of the stress was baseball-related.


"I was stressing about everything. I stress a lot. I don't know, but that's just how I am," said Ortiz.


Lack of sleep was the biggest tell-tale sign to Ortiz that things were catching up to him.


"I was having [sleeping] problems for a while, bad," said Ortiz. "I would say four to five days."


That problem has straightened itself out since his hospital visit.


"Actually, you know what? I've been feeling way better since we came to the West Coast, because we got plenty of time to sleep," said Ortiz. "I have been sleeping my [butt] off, yeah."


And Red Sox fans, hearing that Ortiz is healthy, will likely sleep better as well.

MOD EDIT: Please cite your source. From MLB.com

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