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Top 75 colleges in apparel sales


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Top-75 Universities

(1.) The University of Texas at Austin (2.) The University of Michigan (3.) University of Notre Dame (4.) University of Georgia (5.) University of North Carolina (6.) The University of Florida (7.) University of Oklahoma (8.) University of Tennessee at Knoxville (9.) The University of Alabama (10.) The Pennsylvania State University (11.) Florida State University (12.) Louisiana State University (13.) Auburn University (14.) University of Kentucky (15.) University of Wisconsin (16.) University of Miami (17.) University of Illinois (18.) University of Nebraska (19.) University of Arkansas Fayetteville (20.) University of South Carolina (21.) Oklahoma State University (22.) University of Kansas (23.) Duke University (24.) Clemson University (25.) University of Maryland (26.) The University of Arizona (27.) Purdue University (28.) Texas Tech University (29.) The University of Virginia (30.) Kansas State University (31.) University of Missouri (32.) University of Louisville (33.) Syracuse University (34.) University of Washington (35.) Georgia Institute of Technology (36.) University of Connecticut (37.) University of Pittsburgh (38.) Washington State University (39.) University of Mississippi (40.) University of Colorado (41.) Stanford University (42.) University of Cincinnati (43.) U.S. Military Academy (44.) Oregon State University (45.) University of Utah (46.) The University of Montana (47.) Brigham Young University (48.) Marshall University (49.) Boise State University (50.) Gonzaga University (51.) United States Air Force Academy (52.) Colorado State University (53.) Northwestern University (54.) Georgetown University (55.) Fresno State University (56.) Boston College (57.) University of New Mexico (58.) Villanova University (59.) Baylor University (60.) The University of Wyoming (61.) University of Texas El Paso (62.) East Carolina University (63.) University of Houston (64.) University of Memphis (65.) University of South Florida (66.) University of Delaware (67.) Texas State University - San Marcos (68.) University of Central Florida (69.) Marquette University (70.) Texas Christian University (71.) Southern Illinois University (72.) Tulane University (73.) George Mason University (74.) James Madison University (75.) University of Nevada

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What is this based on?


Because Ohio State is somewhere in the top 10 for sure and they're not even on the list.


Or maybe I just have cataracts from the list being seizure inducing to read.


the only explanation is that Ohio State is not affiliated with the College Licensing Company, who put the list together

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