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Rookie of the year


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Looking at just performance, zimm gets it. He also has "proven" talent around him so his stats should be better so I feel the edge should go to one of our guys. However, with all of our rookies doing so well, that might deter a voter to just go with zimm for a safe pick. Eh, who knows.

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Even though Dan "The Man" Uggla is my favorite player on this team, I have to give it to Josh Johnson. It's a rare occasion that a rookie leads the entire NL in ERA.



So rare that it's not happening at the moment. :p


He is still #2 and it will only take one bad outing from Carpenter before JJ's next start for him to be back on top. Also of note, Webb (#3) got knocked around a bit today and upped his ERA to 3.14. All things being equal, if Johnson can win at least 15 and stay in the top 3 in ERA I say he should be the NL ROTY. But Uggla, Hanley, Willingham, Olsen and Jake are all making their cases, with Uggla and Hanley being the top 2 (in my mind) behind JJ as the Marlins best ROTY candidate. BTW, we helped our chances of seeing a Marlins ROTY by effectively shutting down Fielder in our seven games against the Brewers.

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Carpenter is so much better than any other pitcher in the NL though, imo.. If he's leading it now, I can't see him giving it up.


With that being said, here's to him getting yanked in the first next time out!



And JJ for ROY.. with the seasons that Uggla, Willy and Hanley are having, its hard to differentiate the 3.



And as for Olsen, 4 starts are really taking away from his season.. minus those he is 12-3 with a 2.85 ERA in 22 GS.

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I'm still trying to understand why people think it's Zimmerman.


He's decent with the glove, but won't win the gold glove.


He's inferior in 2/3 triple crown categories to our own Dan Uggla (who also leads in OPS, BTW).


And it's not as if he's done anything repeatedly memorable for a very very bad Nationals team.


To me, a Marlin not winning it would be downright wrong.


Uggla, JJ, Hanley, Hammer and even Jake all deserve to be in the conversation.

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Hanley is the most important rookie to the Marlins in my opinion. Just as JP was the catalyst in 2003, Hanley is the catalyst for this year's offense.


A perfect example in today's game: Hanley doubles, Uggla fails to bunt him over. Hanley steals 3rd to make up for the failed bunt attempt. Those are the types of things that make a big difference in September.


Had a 4 hit game today, maybe the hottest hitter on the team right now.


The MLB record since 1900 for runs scored by a rookie is 133, Hanley probably won't quite reach that, but he'll get pretty close.

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