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UM meeting?


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i think they'll give him the zook option.


coach the team until the end of the year, or leave immediately.


If he does leave Shannon will get the job on an interim basis, since no coach is going to leave their current programs 3 weeks into the year. If butch is brought back then he could i guess take over right away, but i doubt it.


My personal choice would be mark richt, but i know he wouldnt leave UGA.

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Coker probably deserves to be fired not so much for his in game management (though his failure to make necessary adjustments at halftime that results in his teams being continually outplayed in the second half shows how much he gets outcoached sometimes) but for his lackluster recruiting efforts.


Miami should never be losing out on as many South Florida kids as they have been the past few years, and his recruiting failures are exemplified by him having two scholarship quarterbacks for the past two years - though you could also look at how gawd-awful the offensive line is to get a picture of the recruiting. Additionally this team currently has zero gamebreakers on offense and it is absolutely killing them, as when Kyle Wright is rushed every play because the 5 Miami linemen and the running backs pathetically can't block 5 defenders Wright has nobody to bail him out downfield.


When Coker's shown the door, I'd expect Petrino at Louisville and Schiano at Rutgers to be top candidates. Both can and have recruited South Florida well and have past UM ties. My personal favorite would be Rich Rodriguez but I don't know if he'd leave WVU.


If they even approach Wannstache again I'm driving down to Coral Gables to kick Paul Dee square in the nuts.

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recruiting season really picks up in the next few months so if they were gonna do it, now or after the season are the times.


Bring back butch davis can I hear?


Not happening


As long as Paul Dee is AD at Miami, Davis will not be the coach of Miami. The way he handled leaving for the NFL left a sour taste in everyones mouth there.

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I don't understand why Canes fans think Butch is g-d. There is a reason Admin won with Butch's guys and Butch couldn't win with his own guys, because Butch sucks as gameday management.And do you realize with those recruits who actually most likely went recruiting with Butch? Coker!!


What you UM fans should be upset about is your President Shalala. She has no interest in spending money on the football team. Miami has not seen any significant expenses spent on better facilities, either on the OB, locker rooms, training facilities, etc. The truth of the matter is alot of schools have alot better and alot more facilities and things kids care about than UM can offer now a days.


The days of dynasties are over in college football for a multidue of reasons. All college teams have to put up with middle of the road now, just a matter of time. Examples in recent memory:













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apparently the meeting got pushed back until tuesday.. and rumors are that coker didnt fly back with the team.


no idea if that is entirely true, but thats what i read at grassy.



Well if he didn't fly back with the team he got back to Coral Gables some how.




well he could have gone separately.. but also like I said no idea if that is entirely true, since i just read it in a messageboard

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