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Pretty cool Twins stat


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For all the flak that Zambrano/Kazmir takes, Pierzinsky/Nathan-Liriano-Bosner looks just, if not more, one-sided.


The Zambrano/ Kamir was slightly worse, for two reasons:

1. at the time, everybody knew Kazmir was going to be a star, unlike Nathan, Liriano, and Bonser...Bonser was actually considered the top guy of the three, and his stock wasn't as high as it now...Liriano had injury after injury in the Giants organization, Nathan's solid 2003 season was thought to be a fluke, and Bonser who had been a top prospect the previous year hadn't shown any signs of development over the previous season and a half

2. Had the Mets held on to Kazmir, he would have developed into the same pitcher he is now...had the Giants held on to Nathan and Liriano, they would not have developed into the pitchers they are now (which speaks volumes about how sh*tty the Giants organization is at developing players)

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