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Goriest Movie of All Time


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Didnt one of the Scream movies set a record for most fake blood and guts used in a movie?



I thought that was Carrie or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


That being said, Dead Alive, Peter Jackson's first, just has some ultra sick moments. There's a scene where the hero is swining a lawnmower at zombies.

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Ya I was tempted while working at Blockbuster, but never got around to it.




Ichi the Killer.


lol @ Hostel and Saw.


Remember kind sir, we are not talking about 'scary'. We are talking about gory. And Hostel was absolutely horrific.

I definitely get what the point of the thread is. I didn't think either was that gory at all.

You must have seen some demented ass movies, bro. Hook me up with some titles.

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