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How rich are you ?


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= 643,785,765

You are the 643,785,765 richest person in the world! You're in the TOP 10.72%

richest people in the world!

I'm the man!


And in five years, I'll be:


You are the 45,439,321richest person in the world! You're in the TOP 0.75%

richest people in the world!


Um, I'd like to thank the third world... Thanks for being so sh*tty! I'd like to thank my mom and pops for doin' it in the United States in the first place, without which I wouldn't be here, countin' all my loot. I'd like to thank my families! I'd like to thank my bros and my hoes. I'd like to thank everyone for making the world a better place for me.



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an interesting site

Thats pretty scary. i was playing around with it and if you were making 12,480 a year (min wage in US) you were still top 12% in the world



Then I said i made 10 dollars a year and it said i was in the top 14%, which is a lie

well if you own a refridgerator you are among the top 7% richest in the world....thats my poverty stat of the day

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$2,000 yearly = top 17.62% of the world? right. this site has got to be waaaaaay off.

idk how accurate this website is but when people say America is the richest country in the world really alot of the other countries are poor...i mean i went to Spain this summer and ya its comprable to th usa in alot of ways but it aint the same....there wasn't refrigeration in every restaurant let alone ice...i mean they gave you a tiny little can of warm coke and that was it if you were lucky they gave you a glass with one ice cube....in america people dont want that much ice because we want more drink...we are very spoiled over here...but i am not complaining

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