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Top 20 Marlins Prospects


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2007 Florida Marlins Prospects


1. Sean West, LHP, Grade B+ (I like him best of the Greensboro bunch right now)

2. Chris Volstad, RHP, Grade B (very projectable, a bit more than Thompson)

3. Aaron Thompson, LHP, Grade B (very projectable)

4. Taylor Tankersley, LHP, B (under the 50-inning limit. Needs better control to sustain low ERA but I think he'll be fine)

5. Gaby Hernandez, RHP, B (solid all-around pitcher)

6. Jose Garcia, RHP, B (fine talent, needs a consolidation season)

7. Renyel Pinto, LHP, B (another guy with talent but need for sharper command)

8. Brett Sinkbeil, RHP, B (I'm not sure why, but I just have a feeling that he might disappoint. Not a scientific opinion, just a nagging doubt that I can't pin down)

9. Gabriel Sanchez, 1B, B (intriguing and overlooked bat)

10. Henry Owens, RHP, B- (power arm for bullpen, from Mets)

11. Matt Lindstrom, RHP, C+ (power arm for bullpen, from Mets)

11. Ryan Tucker, RHP, C+ (Great stuff, command needs a lot of work)

12. Paul Mildren, LHP, C+ (Australian lefty on 40-man)

13. Rick Vanden Hurk, RHP, C+ (Dutch power arm had good fall league)

14. Harvey Garcia, RHP, C+ (another power arm to track)

15. Jacob Marceaux, RHP, C+ (had a decent year but overshadowed by younger arms in system)

16. Kyle Winters, RHP, C+ (projectable righthander to watch)

17. Chris Coghlan, 3B, C+ (should hit for average)

18. Jesus Delgado, RHP, C (another bullpen power arm)

19. Scott Tyler, RHP, C (another bullpen power arm)

20. Hector Correa, RHP, C (impressive rookie ball pitcher)


Others of Note: Robert Andino, SS; Greg Burns, OF; Don Czyz, RHP; Tom Doolittle, RHP; Kris Harvey, OF; Tom Hickman, OF; John Raynor, OF; Eric Reed, OF; Graham Taylor, LHP; Matt Yourkin, LHP.


The Marlins in One Sentence: This system is thinned out after all the major league graduations, but there is still an intriguing set of long-term arms.


They really need some hitters, though, and I'd like to see them focus on that in the '07 draft just to provide a bit of balance to the system.


It's going to be an exciting season seeing Volstad, West and Co. develop


I look forward to seeing both a little bit more in the FSL, perhaps we'll have a more clear-cut "Top Prospect" at the end of this year.

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They really need some hitters, though, and I'd like to see them focus on that in the '07 draft just to provide a bit of balance to the system.

fat chance!

They kind of already did that in 06. Sure, they took Sinkbeil first, but after him came Coghlan (2B/3B), two outfielders and two catchers. It was nonstop pitching besides a half dozen guys past that, but they added some depth. They'll probably do it again this year, hopefully drafting older college players that can contribute in 2009 (or Cabrera's walk year in other terms) versus being longterm projects like Hickman, Langley, etc...


BP might not be ranking them high, but Coghlan, Hickman, and Langley all have a lot of growth potential. I'm very surprised Coghlan is not in the 6-10 range (I do not recognize Tank, Pinto, and Petit as prospects, and the top 5 has to be the obvious 5 SP left). He's a lot safer bet than all those RP in front of him. Gotta be a level thing. He'll rise fast in post 2007 lists.


Ranking them using BP's system, and I guess very similar to ramp overall give or take a few spots and a player here of there.


1. West A-

2. Volstad A-

3. G. Hernandez B+

4. Thompson B+

5. Sinkbeil B+

6. Coghlan B

7. J. Garcia B-

8. Hickman B-

9. Vanden Hurk B-

10. Owens C+

11. G. Sanchez C+

12. H. Garcia C+

13. Andino C

14. J. Delgado C

15. Tucker C-

16. Lindstrom C-

17. Langley C-

18. Doolittle C-

19. Cousins C-

20. Marceaux C-

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