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Hogan Knows Best


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Anyone watch the show? The new season just started and they moved to miami beach. Its funny because I guess they are trying to make it seem like no on in miami speaks english. I understand if they go to the citgo station and no one understands english, but a GNC or Subway. You can tell its fake because hogan will talk to them in english and they will just answer in spanish and both can understand eachother.

The best part is he gets spanish lessons and goes around saying "que vas hacer hermano!" instead of what ya gonna do brother!

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c'mon... that was B.S. people at the beach speak english everywhere you go......

why are they trying to make it look like nobody speaks english down here....


what so the rest of the country can think that nobody speaks english in miami..... what for


I guess. They are making it to fake for whatever reason. There is a part when hogan's kid goes to a gas station and asks whats in a cafe con leche. The lady responds cafe y leche. I am sure if you go to any gas station they know enough to say milk and coffee.

I believe they are telling the people they tape to only answer in spanish.

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As far as reality shows go this show more thany any of them as changed from a reality show to a completely scripted and contrived show that is more a sitcom . Additonally i have lived in Miami, and yes there are alot of spanish speakers but to suggest that no one speaks english is ridicoulous


In some places i can understand getting a little frustrated about the lack of english speakers, but for the most part you should be able to find someone who can at least "get by" in english.

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