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A-Rod Pulls a Willie Mays Hayes!


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Alex Rodriguez, apparently not satisfied with one controversy on the day, nearly traded blows with the Blue Jays' John McDonald and Howie Clark after apparently calling for a flyball while running the basepaths in the ninth inning Wednesday.


With the Yankees already up by two, A-Rod, running from first to third, seemingly called for the ball while in position behind the third baseman. The third baseman, who had an easy catch lined up, moved off the ball, apparently thinking the shortstop was going to catch it. It ended up dropping. giving Jorge Posada a free RBI single. There wasn't any video evidence that A-Rod actually made the call, but nothing else would have gotten the Jays upset. Manager John Gibbons came out on the field, and after play was set to resume, catcher Jason Phillips apparently said something to Jason Giambi at the plate. Fortunately, the series between the two teams came to an end tonight. If A-Rod had to bat again, the Jays surely would have thrown at him



LOL! I've never seen that before except for Major League.

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I just heard on Eddie Kaplan's show (560 AM) that some publication is running a story/photo of A-Rod getting caught out on the town with a female who isnt his wife.


This isnt at all shocking but it will add some controversy to his life.




I wonder if it was Girlfriend #4, #5 or #9?

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That's almost as bad as the time he tried to swat the ball out of the glove in the ALCS.

against Bronson Arroyo. that was ridiculous.


this is pretty cool though. I've done stuff like this in little league and gotten away with it. I've been told you're not aloud to do it though...is that true in MLB?

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Guest Festa

Hey it's a creative move. Nothing wrong with that. Baseball players always come across as complainers, that is one of the reasons very few of my friends are into MLB.



All the complainers in sports are in the NBA and NFL. MLB doesn't have the amount Kobe Bryants, Terrell Owenses, Randy Mosses and other prima donas ESPN likes dedicating half of SportsCenter too. Yet I guarantee your friends are all fans of both leagues.

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Its an incredible heads up play.


The Blue Jays are retarded, it is completely legal. If I were the manager I'd be more irritated at one of my infielders not taking charge at the play.

I'm sure they know it's legal...but it is kinda of unclassy..and he made them look bad. I'd do it though. :mischief


was an error given to Clark/McDonald on the play?

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F*ck class.


You do whatever is legal and borderline legal to win.


I'd be damn glad if somebody on the Sox did this.

I agree.


I did it once in little league, and I got a warning from the umpire for it. :rolleyes:


A-Rod's on ESPN2 now. Buster Olney says it's an unwritten rule.

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Yes. He said he has done it many times before.


Personally I've always thought The Fraud had a fake personality since his last year with Seattle. He's not a nice guy and he's a douche.


When he went high on Pedroia that was bush league. When he went and slapped Arroyo's arm, that was bush league. When The Fraud gets pushed in to a corner he usually lets his true colors come out.


That said, this is a comepetitive and strategic play that helped his team out nothing dirty and unclassy about it.


You know how many times in actual real basketball games I'd flash in front of the man I was guarding and call for the ball. I got a bunch of steals over the years doing that as did a lot of my teammates. Its strategy.

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LOL. That was completely awesome. It reminds me of the hidden ball trick pulled by Lowell and Todd Jones during the 2005 season


If you think about it it's not different than the Mike Lowell "Hidden Ball Trick" which is a brilliant play.



I was lucky enough to be at a Marlins game when Lowell pulled on of those off.

LOL. you beat me to the punch by one minute

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