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Let me explain that I live in Seattle, which is about as far removed from Florida as it gets... Baseball fans here are still kind of "young" and don't know much, so they pretty much go with the national flow, and everyone wanted the Cubbies and Red Sox. I kept my mouth shut until I heard some co-workers discussing how sad it was that the Cubs lost. That's when I jumped up and tossed my arms in the air. Everyone looked at me like I was a kook. They all know I'm a W.Sox fan, but they don't understand the rivalry. So I said, "Hey, I'm for the Southside!" and they finally understood. Then someone said, "You are the first person I've met who was not rooting for the Cubs. How could you not want them to win?" I just said, "If you're too ignorant not to know why, then I don't have the time to explain it to you." Damn that felt good!


Marlins rule!

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