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Mark Buehrle Not Getting Traded


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The deal has a no trade for a year, then there is a window from April of 2009 through July of 2010 where we can trade him if we want, and in July of 2010 he becomes a 10/5 guy and gets the NTC back if we keep him. The deal is through 2011, but there is an "escalator clause" if we trade him that turns the deal into a 5 year deal worth somewhere around 75 million dollars. That is what I was told, at least.

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he said it included protection though


Yeah. The Sox have protection since there is a period in the deal where we can trade him (April of 2009 through July of 2010 apparently), and it has protection for Mark because the deal turns into a more friendly for him 5 year deal at 75 million or so if he is traded instead of the 4/56 hometown discount the deal is if he stays. Mark regains protection in July of 2010 as a 10/5 guy if he stays.


The one I'm not sure about is when we can trade him. It might be we can trade him starting when the FA period starts in the winter after the 2008 season, so maybe it's November or December of 2008 through July of 2010. But I do know there is a period from sometime after the 2008 season ends until July of 2010 where we can trade him, but we can't trade him from now until that period starts or when July of 2010 gets here and his 10/5 kicks in. And it is for sure 4/56 at 14 million even each year, and turns to 5/75 if we trade him.

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