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Game 1 was never in doubt with an easy 7-4 win

Game 2 was never in doubt with the Tribe tying the series in their 6-1 win

Game 3 was disgusting - 6 errors?!

Game 4 was never in doubt 10-3

Game 5 - FINALLY something worth watching

Game 6 was never in doubt 4-1

Game 7 - a great finish to the series


Ultimately, there were 2 close games worth watching and 1 game that was abysmal. Now that I think about it some more, 33 may even be a bit high if it weren't for the fact that the Marlins were such a new team.

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the prob is that the marlins and the indians arent a great rivalry-u gotta have 2 teams that have been fighting for a while and the best rivalry in my opinion is ny and boston-to bad they cant play each other in the WS-but you also have to have 2 teams that go to the WS alo or 2 teams that have curses on them like boston and chicago-but i think that the end of this series will be a schoker to alot of ppl. bc they arent giving the marlins any respect!

go marlins

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