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What do we know after 4?


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First off, I have been reading the board all offseason, but was trying to subdue my interest until the season started. Nice to be back.


It has only been four games. I think we will find throughout the course of the season that Alex Gonzalez is not the second coming of Arod, Derrek Lee will not continue to hit under .100, and Nunez will once again become a very reliable reliever. In short, we have a long way to go. That said, there are a few observations I have made, you be the judge as to whether or not they are valid.


1. I think it is clear Derrek Lee should not be in the 4 hole. Lowell is a much better choice to either hit 3 with Pudge cleaning up or hit 4. Lee just is too pitchable. At the end of the year I still expect Lee to get around 30 homers with a .270 or so average, but he just can't hit when it matters- that has been clear throughout his career to this point.


2. I am still undecided on the Castillo, Pierre 1-2 "punch." I worry that if we ever get anything going at the bottom of the order, we have to wait for Castillo and Pierre to try and drive them in. On the other hand any time Castillo gets on the opposing pitcher is thrusted into a huge dilemna with Castillo on the Bases and Pierre at the plate. Definately too early to tell, but the situation should be watched closely.


3. After 4 games I am disappointed with our inability to score runs without the homer. To be successful, our guys must hit with runners in scoring position. That said, the power has been nice. We could have a few guys break out this season.


4. Some random observations. Pierres arm is really atrocious in center, I like what Hollandsworth/Banks will eventually give us (though I like everyone else am miffed as to why we gave up Millar), I think after we get in a rythm our bullpen will be a strength, at some point this season Tejera will be in our top 5 rotation, and finally everyone relax. We have seen some good signs and some bad ones so far. To be honest, I feel better about the team now than i did before the season started. We still have a long way to go.

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nicely done vini...


Some of my own observations:


Everyone needs to shut up about Millar...... it's over with... he is no longer a Marlin.... it may have been a done move but it was made.... seriously its getting ridiculous after every TH AB, I see someone write "Millar just doubled"..... well good for him, and the cursed BoSox


Yes, DLee has been awful in the 4 spot but let's give him to the end of this Braves series before we start placing him in the 8 or 9 hole.


I am really impressed with AGon, Encarnacion and Lowell thus far..... well Lowell minus the errors, but he does have his hand wrapped


Pudge is the most clutch player I have ever seen

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I have to say I'm happy with what I've seen so far. I know TH hasn't hit, but I'm not concerned, yet. I think eventually we will see Gonzalez hit in the 2 spot and pierre in the 8 hole and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Pierre makes for a great # 8 hitter, when he gets on base he can steal 2nd and have the pitcher bunt him to 3rd, he'll have more oportunities to steal without pudge hitting behind him, gonzalez also gives a little more pop behind castillo, of course gonzalez has 2 prove that this 2 games weren't fluke, that's a move i project midway through the season. Lee will eventually be moved to the 6th hole, which I think it's the right position for him; ther he won't have much preassure on him to hit and he can offer us some runs here and there that we could use. I think the marlins will really contend this year, the bullpenn will be alright.

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Ramp- couldn't agree more about Millar. I think we all miss him and hope he does well, but he is no longer a Marlin so lets move on. We are supporting a team that cannot keep every player we would like to keep, so let's just deal with it.


I think eventually we could see Hollandsworth in the 2 hole. He is notoriously a slow starter (as is DLee), so we shouldn't be too concerned. A lefty with decent power and some bat control should fit nicely into the two hole (see Mark Kotsay).


I am hesitant to deem this a "Breakout year" for Alex Gonzalez after just 4 games, but he certainly has been playing well. Something that really surprised me last night while watching the game was seeing that he is only 26 years old. He has had enough experience to maybe put everything together and a big year from him would be huge. If he could handle the 2 hole our offense would look much scarier.


I really didn't understand the decision to put Lee in the 4 hole from the beginning. Lowell gives you everything you want from a cleanup hitter except maybe you would like a few more homeruns. Lee is still a good hitter, and may very well have the breakout season predicted, but he is not the type of hitter you want hitting when the games on the line. He should be the 5 or 6 hitter on this team.

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Pierre's arm is below average, no question. He probably plays better defense positionally out there than Preston, but Wilson's arm is a ton better. If Pierre has to go all the way to the wall to field a ball, he ought to just flip it to Encarnacion or Hollandsworth so they can gun it to the plate. :)


A slow start by Derek Lee isn't anything surprising. I guess Torborg was trying to show some confidence in him by giving him the cleanup spot, but Lee has proven year after year that he doesn't get going until a few months into the season. I don't think it would be a bad idea to swap him with Encarnacion until he gets on track. He'll start hitting eventually, we've all seen how he is when he gets hot. But there's no point in leaving him at cleanup. Pudge is getting on base constantly, we need a threat batting behind him.

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ye thats it drop kevin millar, who gives a dman. he's gone and thats it.


yes pierre defense isnt terrific and his arm is kinda weak but look...........


pierre strikes out 165+ times a year


pierre only about 50.


and when he doesnt strike out and he ground the ball to the left side of the diamond, he is gonna run out 25-40% of those for hits.


so yea wilson has better defense but i am glad wilson is gone, cuz he struck out way too much, and when he gets on base and the ball is hit into the gap he scores, he steals to get into scoring position. and he is great in the two whole. watch pierre is gonna make you forget about preston.


and hollandsworth suprised me with his arm, i know encarnacion could throw but todd suprised me.


give todd and lee time, they'll be great. this team is gonna go places.

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Todd Hollandsworth will never be GREAT.




He might eventually turn out to be average offensively.




But right now he is totally worthless with the bat.



Why not sit him down once every 3 or 4 games and let a Banks or Williams gets some at bats????



I hear that Hollandsworth starts slow...then sit his a**.


How difficult is that for Torborg to figure out?




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