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Scott Podsednik


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Ok. I'll start it off. What do you think about signing Posednick to a one year deal? White Sox no longer want him. He had an off year and may be worth taking a chance on.


No thanks.


Living in Illinois, I follow the Cubs and Sox closely, and I can say it wasn't just an off-year. He is just not very good. The only thing he had going for him was his legs and now those are nearly gone as well. He is a terrible fielder, has no power, a low baseball IQ, and his batting average will suffer as well if he cannot get as many infield hits as he used to. He couldn't play CF at the Cell, so he certainly couldn't play CF at DS. He has had one injury after another the last two years (they seem chronic) and he will never even become the stolen base threat that he was in '05.

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