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"Who Says They Don't Have a Chip on their Shoulder?"

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from the Miami Herald:

The Marlins return home with 15 victories, matching a franchise-high for April. They think they can continue the magic.


''Why not?'' Ramirez said. ``Absolutely. We don't have to show nobody. They're going to find out.


``We don't care what other people say, what other people think about us. I don't care if people feel surprised.


``All I care about is how hard we play.''


The naysayers think this kind of talk means nothing. Frankly I think you have to be blind or dead to not see it.



Who wants to tell Hanley that he's wrong? In a twisted sort of way perhaps the snubs early on in this run by the media local and national, and the ridicule right to and including opening day may have really brought this team together. I can't say definitively who istarted it or even what it is, but these guys have that f*** you attitude down.


Hanley is not embarrassed to proclaim himself King Fish. All hail the King :notworthy




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Ill be the first one right by the on deck circle on Tuesday wearing a Mets jersey and screaming at Hanley that they suck and they arent going to do shyte. Nothing like adding more fuel to the fire. Go Fish.

I think you should start in the bullpen and yell at the starting pitcher before the game.


Then make your way down and give hell to everyone besides Hanley and Hammer.

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