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Celtics vs. Lakers Game 4


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The city of Boston needs another trophy like I need a hole in my head. I hope the collapse Yankees in the 2004 ALCS style.


f*** Boston.





Do you realize how long it's been since the Celtics have won a championship?


That has nothing to do with what Mets_bs is saying...


Boston sports have gotten to be ridiculous since roughly 2002... it's a microcosmic reactionary groupthink (for the most part) that's downright intolerable. Within that area, you CANNOT judge/criticize the teams in any way without being a hater or jealous of their winning. When I hear things like "You guys need to groom up some more prospects so that we can get them when they're too expensive for you." (Obviously in regards to the Marlins) It makes me want to commit acts of violence.


Until Spygate, I constantly had to hear my team (certainly one of the classiest organizations in the league) talked trash about because of how the Pats whitewashed us in the regular season and playoffs... and then had to SERIOUSLY hear Pats fans PETITION TO HAVE THE LAST TWO MINUTES OF THE SUPERBOWL PLAYED AGAIN... due to clock inconsistencies... oh, and the last time there was reported clock inconsistencies in a pretty big game: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2173143... Steelers fans as a whole were kind of "Well, whatever..." about it, Rooney and Cowher moved on, there was no big anything about it...


And now in Basketball (A game I admittedly couldn't care less about watching) we're supposed to believe that they're possibly owed a championship because they haven't had one in a while? Yeah... no... Remember, these are the same "greatest sports fans" that left the Garden looking like a ghost-town last season, and the same ones that take shots and support ESPN by condoning shots against our (The Marlins) attendance... This is the same fanbase/groupthink that was calling fix when the Cavs/Celtics series went as long as it did, because they felt that the NBA wanted a 7 game series with LeBron... They got that wrong, if the NBA is pulling for anybody it's the Celtics, hence having 7 game series against everyone except the Pistons, against whom Boston had played all their home-games by game 6. God forbid this series winds up going 7 somehow, and regardless of who wins, if it does, NBA conspiracists, on the heels of Donaghy's accusations, will go nuts.


The biggest problem is with the younger Boston fans, basically people under like... 30... because they've sat through a lot of stuff and all they had was the Celtics, but the younger fans, they're growing into this mentality..



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