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Houston Astros


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Wow i knew the astros were on fire but now their just 3 out of the WC. Anybody think they can pull a a 07 rockies. They just dont seem to lose and theyve been doing all this with out Carlos lee granted they still have berkman whos gotta be one of the most uderrated players in the game.



Are you callin Berkman a cow?


But yeah, the Stros story seems to be a good one but I'm still rootin for the Brewers, sorry Stros.

Now if we could somehow talk the Cubs into a 10 game losing streak...

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This is team is playing great ball but they HAVE NO SHOT! I think the storm really puts a damper into their run considering they are getting these games PPD and possibly moved to another city. To much traveling, going back and forth for a team this time of the year...


That being said I am pulling for them but I think its a bit to late

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i think that roy oswalt is the most underrated pitcher in the league. if they don't make it this season i think they will next season as long as they go after a starter. if they could get sheets to go along side oswalt that would be an amazing 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation.


Yeh but think of the rest of the rotation - guys like Moehler, Backe, Rodriguez.


Its fair to say our rotation has far more potential to be a playoff team.


But I agree that Oswalt is at time underrated. He has been electrifying of late.

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