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NFL Thread- Week 9

Fish Dynasty

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AFC East


New England 5-2

Buffalo 5-2

New York Jets 4-3

Miami 3-4


AFC North


Pittsburgh 5-2

Baltimore 4-3

Cleveland 3-4

Cincinnati 0-8


AFC South


Tennessee 7-0

Indianapolis 3-4

Jacksonville 3-4

Houston 3-4


AFC West


Denver 4-3

San Diego 3-5

Oakland 2-5

Kansas City 1-6


NFC East


New York Giants 6-1

Washington 6-2

Dallas 5-3

Philadelphia 4-3


NFC North


Chicago 4-3

Green Bay 4-3

Minnesota 3-4

Detroit 0-7


NFC South


Carolina 6-2

Tampa Bay 5-3

Atlanta 4-3

New Orleans 4-4


NFC West


Arizona 4-3

Seattle 2-5

St. Louis 2-5

San Francisco 2-5

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Good luck Dtrainfan. It's going to be a really interesting game.

It'll come down to who can run the ball more effectively. but usually when that happens we usually do a dumb playcall on 2nd down and end up with 3rd and long.


its nothing short of a miricle that this time is 5-2 with the way they have been playing on offense. a minus 5 turnover margin in the last 3 games doesnt help either.

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I know this should technically go in the fantasy section of these boards, but with 50 mins till I need to make a final decision, I thought it has a better chance of being responded to here.


Do I start Terrell Owens @ NYG or Joey Galloway @ KC? Keep in mind I also start the Giants DST.


Cant believe Im asking this since T.O. should be my clear no1 WR and Galloway my no3/4 but T.O. has sucked of late without Romo.



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