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Nationals New Uniforms


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Over the past few months some rumors have surfaced concerning possible uniform changes for Our Washington Nationals in 2009. Additions and Subtractions were mentioned this past August during Our Conversation With Stan Kasten, although nothing was confirmed. Yesterday, I was able to follow up on this matter and received an update from a Majestic Representative. As you may know, Majestic is The Official Uniform Supplier of Major League Baseball.


There will be Five Separate Uniform Tops for 2009.


Two of which will reportedly remain the same as previous seasons.


The Blue Curly "W" Batting Practice Jersey is back for a third season--along with the BP Curly "W" Batting Practice Cap.


The Home White "Nationals" with Gold Trim and Red Curly "W" Cap is back for a 5th Season.


The Red "DC" Alternate Jersey is Retired, so will it's matching "DC" Red Cap.


In it's place will be a Red Curly "W" Alternate Jersey.


Now the big change, something I did not expect, but my source tells me is true. The Gray "Washington" Away Jersey from Years 2005 to 2008 is Retired.


In it's place will be a Gray "Washington" Script Away Jersey. A capitalized Curly "W" with "ashington" in lower case script. This design is similar to The Washington "Senators" of the Mid to Late 1960's and Early 70's. The script will also contain a swooshing line extending from "N" in the last word of "Washington" and back under the entire City Name. Interesting note--The Gold Trim is reportedly GONE from this particular Script "Washington" Jersey Front. But, no confirmation on whether the Jersey Back Numbers will have Gold Trim.


Here is a picture of an Old Senators Jersey as Reference. That's Former Washington Senator Fred Valentine with his actual Authentic Senators Jersey from his playing days in the late 60's in DC. This picture taken at a 2007 Kids Clinic at RFK Stadium.


Finally, for special occasions, a Blue "DC" Jersey with Patriotic Red/White & Blue Stars & Stripes (all contained within THE "DC" Logo) will also be worn in 2009. What is not clear to me or my contact--is what Cap Washington will wear with this Special "DC" Jersey.


Washington wore those special Patriotic Red/White & Blue Stars & Stripes Caps last season. But I don't think those Curly "W" Caps would go with a "DC" Jersey.


Sorry, I don't have any pictures on the new items, yet.







Hopefully, Our Washington Nationals will have a Fan Get Together to Show Off & Promote The 2009 Uniforms this winter--Just like MLB did when they owned Our Franchise in 2005 & 2006. In November of 2005, Modells at Springfield Mall was the place for Charlie Slowes, Gary Majewski and Jose Guillen to unveil the Red "DC" Alternate Jersey and Blue "DC" Batting Practice Jersey (Now Also Retired). A STANDING ROOM ONLY HUGE TURNOUT--I might remind you--was in attendance. It was a BIG EVENT. The excitement in the crowd was FABULOUS.






Just like the January 2006 Get Together with Charlie, Dave Jageler, Guillen, Ryan Zimmerman, Brian Schneider, Bryan Watson and Tony Beasley at Champps Restaurant in Pentagon City. That seems like EONS Ago. But I remember both of these events fondly. Fans were really, really excited and WANTED TO BE THERE. So did Our Players. And it's worth stating again, Guillen and Schneider were terrific at posting up for Public Team Events, seemingly every single one of them. I miss both them as Washington Players for that alone.


Anyway, if I find out more info on the uniforms and caps, I will pass it along. I did ask about the Blue "Nationals" Away Cool Base Jacket and whether that might change with the Away Uniform. The Majestic Rep did not know of any differences at this time.


Hope that information is helpful.


PS--As I have stated before, I love The Curly "W" Logo, but I also have a heart for The "DC" Logo. When Our Washington Nationals played their Inaugural Season, do you remember the Frenzy over the "DC" Batting Practice Hat? That cap and the "DC" Patch with Washington Nationals surrounding it (both worn in 2005) are still favorites of mine. Personally, I hope Our Washington Nationals DO NOT completely faze out "DC". Those two letters should always be an important part of Our History.




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Those new Washington uniforms are horrible. I know they're based in the nation's capital, but Uncle Sam's the only guy who can pull off that many stars and stripes. As for the Orioles, I'm glad they're finally repping their state. About time that awesome Maryland state flag made it onto a uniform that isn't purple.

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Baltimore +1


Washington -1



I think the Orioles did a very good thing by


A) Using "Baltimore" on their road jerseys. I HATE when teams have their team name on the road jerseys. It's always best to go with the city/state.


B) Wearing the orange bill for both home and away unis. I hate when teams have two different hats for home and away. I think the A's should follow.


The Nationals, however, have hereby proven that they don't know how to win games, OR design uniforms. I like the new "Washington" script, but why would they keep the same blue cap while the jersey lettering is red? It looks really bad and it doesn't match. Also, now the home and away lettering are completely different. Not good.


The stars and stripes uniforms are awful as well.

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I got a feeling the Navy W cap is just a money grab. Like when the fish still sold the Teal and Teal/Black hats in 1996 while we started to only wear the all Black.


I see the Navy W being taken out of circulation liek the Red DC was this year. (I liked the Red DC too).


Red hat will be worn on the road at the break. I just feel it. I don't think the players will let the navy W hat live very long

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