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I am going to go ahead and guess golf isnt at the forefront of most people's mind on the board.. since something is happening in basketball? Is that right.. the nba right? ;)



But anyway, I love golf and my hometown golf event is this weekend and Paul Goydos shot a 59! FIFTY NINE! Shot a 28 on the back 9... made atleast 10 putts over 10 feet. Quite a performance.



Anyway, back to lebron, wade and bosh dashing my dreams in one fell swoop

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Anyone been watching it?



Really?... Watching golf?


Hey, don't make fun of Golf. Especially around a Scotsman. When Schnellders takes another trip to the states, I'd hide if I were you.:guillotine:P



Why use a gullotine when I could go all Tommy Vercetti on his ass with a 7 iron :mis2

:lol However you kill him, I recommend dumping the body in the Everglades. None will ever find it.:evil

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