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Jim Edmonds retires


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One of my favorite players of all-time. Amazing defense (both according to statistics and anecdotal evidence) and one of the best hitting CFers in baseball history (his career OPS is only .004 less than contemporary Ken Griffey Jr.). He's arguably one of the top 10 CFers ever.



I think defensively he's top 5 and then offensively arguably top 10.

Definite Hall of Famer and one of those guys that I watched when I was little that made me want to play harder.

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Did he make you want to hotdog it in the outfield.. or did he make you want to sit an admire your homeruns.. or did he make you strive to become hated by your teammates wherever you played. because he was such an arrogant prick?


Jim Edmonds was a gigantic tool



I don't know about when he was an Angel but he hustled his ass off as a Cardinal and was a clubhouse leader and loved by his teammates.






Those 2 Links back my statements up.


As for the staring and admiring your homeruns.... A lot of players do that. I'm not going to lie when I drop a bomb (Which i don't do that often) I stare at it for a few seconds then hustle around the bases.


If you hate Edmonds you must want to kill Manny Ramirez ay?

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I've never heard anything about how all his teammates hated him. Hell, I've always heard the opposite.


Care to back your words up, Iowa?


yea, you're right. he is my mark sanchez of baseball. But i digress. He never killed my dog or anything, so i wish him the best.. begrudgingly


Yeah, just like Sanchez... except that Jim Edmonds' statistics point to him as being one of the top 10 CFers in the history of baseball.

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