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Samson says team lied about season ticket sales

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I'm surprised, but not surprised at the same time...


I always thought there were a lot less people at the games than they said there were...


MIAMI — Marlins President David Samson admitted in a story recently published in The New Yorker that the organization lied about season ticket sales while playing at Sun Life Stadium.


The Marlins estimated the number to be about 5,000 in recent years, but Samson said the actual number of season tickets sold was less than half that.


"It was always 2,000," Samson told the magazine, adding that the Marlins were the least popular baseball team and ranked No. 125 among pro sports franchises nationally, below every NHL team and some minor-league baseball teams.


When contacted Friday, Samson declined to comment further.


The Marlins' averaged announced attendance of 19,007 last season was third worst in baseball. The actual attendance on many nights was less than half of the announced attendance.


Miami averaged 29,442 for its first seven home games at 37,000-seat Marlins Park this season, including its lone sellout of 37,442 on opening night.




Read more: http://www.wptv.com/...s#ixzz1tYxRx51B

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yet the team would report 18,000 people in attendance.


Except that's never happened. The Marlins, like every other MLB team report (and announce) ticket sales (probably including gratis tickets to players, charities, etc.) Ticket sales is a number that will never be the same as the actual number of people in the stands, with the possible exception of a sell-out where everyone actually shows up.

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