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The 2013 "All-Traded By The Marlins" Team


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This post has no political intent. I was legitimately just curious to see how this looked. Lemme know if you take issue with any of the players that I use in this list because I did overlook some players based on limited playing time with the organization (I'm looking at you, Adrian Gonzales)


OK, let's go.


C - John Buck: .222/.288/.365

1B - Gaby Sancez: .254/.361/.402

2B - Omar Infante .318/.345/.450

3B - Miggy: .348/.442/.636

SS - HanRam: .345/.402/.638

OF - Cody "Cowbell" Ross: .278/.331/.413

OF - Josh "Hammer" Willingham: .208/.342/.368

OF - Cameron "I'm the reason Roy Halladay has a perfect game" Maybin: .157.232/.235


That's a pretty solid lineup if arranged properly. Scary 1-3. Also Maybin was plagued by injuries so his numbers could have been slightly better. Give Cameron some credit.



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I would change your 1st baseman for a guy named Adrian Gonzalez

and replace Maybin for Alejandro De Aza

I know you didn't want to include Gonzalez but he was one of our biggest blunders



To be fair we got Urbina from that deal who was lights out for us in the 2nd half.


EDIT: In 2003. The year we won a World Series. According to the Baseball Butterfly Effect, I'm OK with that deal.

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That team outside of Miggy looks like an overpaid bottom dweller.



It's much better than the team you said would finish in second place and ahead of the Braves in 2013.

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