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Random but my idea for NCAA Playoff


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I'm aware this is random but i've always had this idea for an ncaa playoff that i've never heard anyone talk about and i just wanted to hear reaction to my idea.


In NCAA sports we always love to talk about the top 25 and how certain teams are against top 25 teams. Why wouldn't we incentivize being a top 25 team as well as putting emphasis on being the number 1 team in the nation for a playoff system.


We can continue to use the BCS standings but make being in the top 25 actually a meaningful thing. My idea would be to make a playoff using the top 25 in the BCS standings and also make being the number 1 team in the nation worth something by giving them a first round bye and making the last 2 seeds a play in game and then use all these games as the individual bowl games.


So in short, 25 team playoff, number 1 team gets a first round bye, each game is a different bowl game. Thoughts?

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I would have a four team playoff.


To help select the playoff teams, at the end of the season (after Conference Championships) I would have a Sagarin type system ranking all FBS teams from 1 to 116.


Then each team would be given points for each of their wins with the number of points depending on the quality of the opponent. For example, if you beat the No. 1 team you get 116 points but if you beat the No. 116 team you get 1 point. If you beat a non-FBS team you don’t get any points. The four teams that accumulated the most points would make it to the playoff.

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