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Back up 1B?


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Andres Galarraga: Hitting

Galarraga's age and back troubles have conspired to make him a mistake hitter and not much else. Good fastballs inside tie him up, and he misses breaking pitches away. His bat speed is slowing, and consequently the holes in his strike zone are becoming increasingly large. Galarraga still can drive a mistake out of the park, but most pitchers would rather miss badly and chance that he'll get himself out, instead of risking a mistake that he can clobber.

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Depth chart for 1B: Choi, Conine, Banks, Mordecai, Cabrera, Lowell, Castro

Depth chart for OF: Pierre/Conine/Cabrera, Banks, Mordecai, umm...

Depth chart for IF: Cadtillo/Lowell/Gonzalez, Mordecai, Cabrera, umm...


Yeah, first base depth isn't exactly a weakness right now.

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Guest marlins02

he plays both...what happened to Banks? did we let him go?

Seriously seriously what? i just asked a question, and he was our backup last year, im not saying he's the backup this year because we got Conine.

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Depth chart for 1B: Lowell, Castro

Depth chart for OF: Mordecai, umm...

:blink: I just used what I've heard and their histories.


Mordecai: has played the outfield

Lowell: it was reported to be an option if Choi does not win the 1B job

Castro: could spell Choi against lefties

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