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What about?

Marlins Phenom

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Thank you like i said before here is my lineup








Castro/Redmond or AGon

Same as above

Pitcher spot

That's good. That makes two people who like my lineup. Lons and you.


If we get Lo Duca for that, we would be ripping those guys off so much for Enc, and our jailbird Castro. But I still like Javy Lopez better. But I digress and so I say get Vlad and do this.

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If the Marlins had a deal like that offered, I think they should take it to - depending on who the Marlins were giving up from the farm and how much money the Dodgers were throwing in, say, $4M? Problem is, you still have to pay for Lo Duca's contract (or apply the cash to his deal). I dont even think it would be necessary to give up minor leaguers along with Castro and Enc because Castro and Enc are more talented than Lo Duca.


That said, Lo Duca would be solid, and the savings...wait a sec. This deal makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


The Marlins are going to pay Castro 300K. Enc is gone. To take on Lo Duca is to get a catcher with less power, and whose numbers have been in decline since 2001. They would also be spending more money to do so just in the hopes of getting more money to land Vlad. So you spend more to spend less??!! Sounds kind of wrong to me...changed my mind. I pass. And sign Vlad outright.

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If we sign Vlad Guerrero, maybe since the Dodgers want to get rid of Paul LoDuca they might do this...


Marlins get : Paul LoDuca, and cash


Dodgers get : Ramon Castro, 2 minor leaguers, and Juan Encarnacion

Why would the Dodgers want to trade for Juan Encarnacion?


Everybody know we're going to non-tender Encarnacion in 2 weeks.


Why would the Dodgers trade for Encarnacion, then go to arbitration with him and pay him $4-5 million? They can just wait until he's a free agent and pay him half that.


Also, somebody like Lo Duca would be most likely when we don't sign Vlad. We won't have the money to pay LoDuca $4 million if we have to pay Vlad too.

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