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2/26 Postgame


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Also I was surprised to learn the Grapefruit League actually has a trophy for winning it because clearly nobody takes it seriously so why bother with a trophy? It's like mocking yourself. They keep tracking of standings and all that stuff and I was dumbfounded by how seriously they take it compared to how managers and players go about it.



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Am I the only one who realizes this can be interpreted both ways and still doesn't answer the question? I'm pretty positive I know what you mean but I know I'm not crazy about the grammar problem here.@SongInTheAir help me out here, am I correct?


What is so hard to understand?


I found there article for online to further clarify what I mean.


Remember the 2006 Marlins, the team with a eight million rookies? That team went 19-9-3 to finish with the best record of any Grapefruit League team. Owner Jeffrey Loria rewarded first-year manager Joe Girardi with a bag of grapefruit. The '06 Marlins promptly went 11-31 to start the season before recovering and making a race of it.




I said 1 bag for the entire team that was my initial response. But looks like that ONE bag might have just been for Girardi.



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