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Roy Halladay dies in plane crash


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I was quite saddened to hear this news when it occurred. I remember being on tenterhooks when the news came out that the plane registered to him had crashed, waiting for the official announcement [which came at 415 pm day of].


I'd like to share a quick personal story.


In 2011, I was going through quite a lot. Depression being what it is, it was hitting me pretty hard at the time. I was living in Ocala at the time, and I came down to spend time with my father, who still lives in South Florida, in May of that year. I said to him in late April, "let's go to a game while I'm down there." He said, "OK, pick one and we'll go."


I looked through, tried to map things out best I could, and I chose a date. May 10th. Why May 10th? After looking through the schedule, I saw, if everything lined up and stayed as planned, and they didn't get hurt, that game would be Josh Johnson vs Roy Halladay. Thankfully, the baseball gods came through, and I got that game.


To this day, it is probably the best game I have ever attended, thanks to the pitching matchup. We won 2-1, Chris Coghlan driving in the winning run in the 8th inning. Thanks to the pitching of both Halladay and Johnson, I got exactly the game I wanted, and a game that, for the time, lifted my spirits, made me forget about my troubles.


I'm glad I got to see Halladay pitch once. One of the best pitchers of our generation, a throwback to an older time where pitchers consistently finished what they started. I hope his family is able to find peace. As @HanleyDavidson stated, this does bring back memories of Jose. Not nearly as difficult a loss, at least for me, as many of us considered Jose to be "extended family" due to his time as a Marlin and what he meant to the team and the city, but as a Baseball fan, losing Halladay, such a great pitcher and, by all accounts, a great man off the field, this loss hit deep.


Rest in Peace, Roy. God's rotation is getting another ace.



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