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  1. Is it cool to post stuff for sale here? I have several autographed jerseys and bats to sell. Had a bad experience with ebay, and would prefer to sell locally to true fans. Thanks!
  2. Jeff Cox is available. And Bill Robinson isn't working anywhere either.
  3. I think Tommy wants to not travel anymore - it's a grind. Tommy on color for home games (like Cookie) and maybe PDub on the road.
  4. I think we were 4 over .500 at one point. Then pppfffttt.........
  5. Can't imagine MLB partnering up with hard liquor.
  6. Suggested in recent New Times article. I think Publix is way too smart to blow MMs on naming rights. They are a regional brand that needs no help attracting customers in FL and other SE states. Thoughts?
  7. I think the other owners were just tired of subsidizing the Marlins operation. Getting a new owner and slashing payroll seems like two key steps to minimizing their subsidy. There's no doubt in my mind Manfred knew the plan and endorsed it.
  8. 1998 all over again is what I see may drop FSN from cable package - miss rich already
  9. checking downgrade in cable to delete FSN - they're looking at Jay Randolph...........
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