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Marlins officials wanted to rebuild after Jose's death

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Good read on how everyone but Loria thought a rebuild was necessary after Jose's death. Loria disagreed and demanded a last push to contend which lead to money wasted and bad free agent signings... putting new ownership in an even bigger hole. This also makes me think maybe this is why Mike Hill was retained... maybe he really wanted to rebuild going into 2017 and he had good ideas to do so and maybe his bad signings and trades post 9/25/16 were more forced by Loria than we think. This also shows why adding for 2018 onto what was already a disaster of 2017 would have made things even worse than they already were. It would have been like putting band-aids on a severed limb.






...according to sources with knowledge of internal discussions at the time, a number of players with prohibitive salaries wouldn’t be on the Marlins now if previous owner Jeffrey Loria had listened to the advice of his top baseball people back then.


Absent a pitching ace in the wake of the Fernandez boating tragedy, the sentiment among many in baseball operations was that the Marlins would struggle to compete in 2017 and that a rebuild was the best path forward.


Instead, Loria dismissed the idea, opting to add Major League talent — rather than subtract — in what would be his final year as owner. As a result, the Marlins are saddled with a handful of expensive contracts that are either difficult, or impossible, to unload.




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I read Spencer's article and thought everything in it was fair.  I didn't take any of it as the Marlins using Jose as an excuse.  If anything the article is blaming Loria for ignoring the advice to  rebuild last year when the situation certainly called for it and put the team in a bad spot financially...not Jose.  The Hardballtalk article is just another easy shot to take at the organization.   



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This article is a rehash. This was brought up last year and most of us knew about this. This was brougt up last year before the season started. Honestly I wouldn't have blamed them for rebuilding. We had a top flight ace with Jose and we lost that. The market was horrendous and we did a patch job. Also didn't help that we were hosting the All Start Game last year.


The dumbest trade was the Luis Castillo trade. Now it looks even worse.


While it’s doubtful the Sherman/Jeter group would have kept Stanton if the Marlins could have trimmed payroll elsewhere, they could have perhaps held on to Yelich and/or Ozuna.








Sherman/Jeter did want to keep Yelich but we all know how that worked out. Ozuna was always gonna be on the way out. That was confirmed once he made Boras his agent. The Stanton contract just wasn't going to work under their plan and with all these contracts.


Would've, could've, should've.



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