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MLB could skip draft

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Holds back the rebuild was my first thought but tbh it's fine since every team would be held back too. It's sad but we have to start looking at all of this like everything is just on a delay. They'll freeze all transactions and scouting and all that and then every team will pick up where they left off. It's not as bad as it seems with the exception of people waiting for longer.

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I say only do this if the season is to be canceled. If not then just postpone the draft.


What would be the solution for the 2021 draft if they cancel this one? If there is a season this year, do they go by combined records? Do they have two drafts in 2021 with one going from 2019 records?


Lots more complications here than it's worth IMO.

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This is moronic. They might as well just hold the draft tomorrow honestly.


Scouting departments already have a damn good idea of who is worthy of a top pick and who isnt.


I was listening on the radio...


Boras would get the top guys declared free agents since they would be 18 and all anyway. Loopholes baby!

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