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2020 Roster Rules FAQ


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Everyone needs to give this a look, the roster rules this season are gonna take some getting used to...


The Player Pool is a 60 man roster that signifies who is eligible to play this season. One would assume it's the 40 man roster plus 20 more but players on the 40 man roster can be left off of the Player Pool if the team doesn't expect or want them to play this season such as an injured player or a prospect deemed not yet ready for the majors. So it's any 60 players the team wants eligible to play and this can include non roster players and minor leaguers. The Player Pool can change throughout the season so it's basically like saying teams will be using 60 man rosters all season instead of 40 man rosters, though someone removed from the Player Pool can't be added back so they'd be ineligible for the remainder of the season. 

The Taxi Squad is a group of three players who will travel with the team on all road trips to be available in case of injury or illness. So let's say there's an injury on the first game of a road trip, the team can't call up just any player to replace them, only someone from the current Taxi Squad. This is actually intended so that the called up player wouldn't have to fly commercial to join the team. Also the Taxi Squad must always include at least one catcher so basically every team will be required to have a 3rd (or even 4th) catcher available. Sounds like Chad Wallach is gonna be very busy this season lol. 

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3 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

I now realize how little I understood it previously. Thank you. 

Perusing through tweets and articles this week it seems like even most of the MLB journalists are mixing up the Taxi Squad with the Player Pool. It's an understandable mistake though at least at this early point. 

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