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Freeman, Toussaint, Smith, Kozma test positive for COVID-19


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So much for anonymity. 

I have a lot of things I want to express about this but will probably piss a lot of people off. Your going to have positive tests throughout the season. I think the illusion is that you can keep yourself from getting it but the likely fact is everyone will most likely get it one way or the other unless you completely isolate yourself with nothing external coming into your home for god knows how long which isn’t feasible in my eyes. Take your precautions,  all I’ll say on on that.

I have an issue with the players now coming out about it.

Trout says 6/16/20 “Tell us when and where.” Players want more games. Less than two weeks later, Trout doesn’t feel comfortable playing. Jeff Samardzija comes out and criticizing the owners about safety. At the same time saying he wished he played more games. Blake Snell says he’s going to get his money. The whole thing feels like “ I didn’t get the deal we wanted, So I’m going to claim safety to try and hurt the league. Doesn’t feel authentic one bit. Let the players opt out if they want to for family reasons. I like Trout and understand his view completely, however don’t sit there and say when and where when nothing has really changed in the last two weeks. This disease wasn’t going to be eliminated in the foreseeable  future. Seems hollow when you have the vocal ones going off.

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Oh look our good “buddy” Buster Posey is now weighing in.

Let’s head on over to the twitters. Oh look again. Past retweet’s regarding the money and the PAs statement from 6/4/20.

I would about bet everything I own that we won’t have baseball because of  money here in the next couple of years.

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I could definitely see a strike next year. We're definitely going to have that grievance take place in the off-season. It's going to be messy.

Manfred recently stating that "we were never going to play more than 60 games this year" was pretty awful, should only strengthen the case of the player's grievance.

The owners suddenly saying "let's see if we can get SOME fans into the ballpark safely this year" should only strengthen the case of the player's grievance as well.

If we don't get a strike, I fully expect the 2022-2026 CBA to be VERY player friendly compared to year's past.

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Add Sean Doolittle to the list.

on 6/16/20 per his Twitter.

Per a recent interview with him.

Funny how sports is now a reward for a functioning society after the players didn’t get the deal they wanted. 

Sorry if my running stream is pissing people off, I just don’t like being lectured to by Pro Athletes that think I’m too stupid to see through the charade and would like this to remain for the record when they strike.

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