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9-10 mil to spend.....


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i did my research and came about this s***......


we have all this $$$$$ to spend, we should do it wisely.....


1b Viagra Man he hit 260 38 HR'z and 112 RBI's he is old, but still in shape he prob will be on the down hill next year and prob wants to stay in the AL where he can DH.. his asking price is around 3 mil to 4 mil a year......


Of. Juan Gone he was injured and missed half the season last year and still hit 294, 24 bombs and 70 RBI's with a 901 OPS..... he made 13 mil last year his asking price is way down and he coululd be gotten for 5-6 mil a year... he is a risk "can he stay Healthy?"


OF. Brain Jordan his asking price could be beween 1.5 mil and 2 mil ya last two years he hasnt been healthy.. but it's Brain Jordan last year he played in 66 games hit 299 6 bombs and 28 rbi's and ya he will be 37 next year.. and is just commin off knee surgery..... and might pull the Viagra Man stunt and play in the AL and be a DH...


OF. Raul Mondsi he is young only 32, has teh best arm in baseball... but numbers haev tailed off... his price range should be around 3 mil to 4 mil last year he hit 272, 24 bombs 71 RBI's..... but..... with ZOna he hit 302 and the yanks he hit 258..


Of. Jay Payton only hit 302 with 28 bombs and 89 Rbi's price range should be about 3 mil to 4 mil...... I would love to see em in a Marlins uniform..... he would be like another Juan E.....


Pitching Wise


Pen. Maels Rodriguez 24 years old, this is the cuban kid who defected, 8-3 113 innings, and had a 3.11 ERA, and clocks 100 MPH constantly, dunno how he will fare in MLB but i also dont know what his price range is..... but i want him!!!!!


Starter Jason Johnson 10-10 witha 4.18 ERA he would be a solid 4th or 5th starter on the team price range is about 2. mil to 3 mil...... not a bad choice???"


Starter Damien Moss was 10-12 with a 5.16 ERA last year BIG RISK price range is between 1 mil and 1.5 mil could be great edition to any small ball club or could be a bust".....


Pen...Trever Miller, he was 2-2 with a 4.61 ERA played with teh jays last year, but after the all star break he was 4-4 in Saves and had a 3.98 ERA and is very cheap can be had for 500 thou......


Pen. Troy Brohawn played with LA last year and was 2-0 with a 3.86 ERA only played 12 innings but could be had for 300 K to 500 K......


Starter... Orlando Hernandez didnt play any last year, but teh eyar be4 was 8-5 with a 3.64 ERA i like em alot and hope we get him his price range should be round 1.5 mil to 2 mil..... he wont make the 4 mil he did last year.....




so for all you rejects who are b***hing about the team hasnt dont anything we have plenty time to do something...... stop cryin and be patient..... all these guys on the list are good some decient....... and 80% them have upside......




tell me Juan Gone and El Duke get em for 9 mil..... or you can spend all that $$$$$ on Vlad and we arent even in his price range i would take Juan Gone and El Duke instead Vlad.......


so just relax and let it happen

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Great post!


I totally forgot that Juan Gone is available... I have a freakin card collection of the guy, I think I should keep up with what hes doing :banghead


I dunno if there will be a necc. to pick any outfielders up if its not Vlad...but we'll see what Beinfest is up to...


As far as the bullpen is concerned...it would do us much good to have a long relief pitcher available in the pen such as Hernandez, or Moss....it saved our butts in the WS with Pavano and could be a huuuuuuge help throughout a regular season.


As long as we dont sign Dennis Rodman to a minor league contract and Darryl Strawberry as our daycare sitter/hitting coach, we will be more than fine with the job the FO has done!!! :)

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Christmas List:


1- Vlad + Stadium

2- Vlad + Stadium

3- Vlad + Stadium

4- Vlad + Stadium

5- Vlad + Stadium

Anything else would be uncivilized.


And Al Levine signed with the Tigers I believe.

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