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Team you wouldn't want to face in the NFC?


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Who don't you want to face in the NFC Playoffs right now?


For me I'd not wanna face the Packers. 4 game winning streak, 2 consecutive blowouts.


Brett, Ahman, Barnett are all on fire. The teams on fire.



I can't believe you picked the Packers! I'm SHOCKED!


I agree with JM. I wouldn't want the Eagles.


The Packers are hot, but they still wouldn't scare me. All you gotta do is pressure Favre into forcing the ball and he'll throw interceptions, which leads to a big L.

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Good luck pressuring Favre with the OL that he has. We have one of the best OL's in the business.


We allowed a record low in sacks this year and will end up 1st or 2nd in Rushing Offense.


4 Game Win Streak and 4 Dominating performances in a row.


The Pack will destroy Seattle and then after that I'd say they'd lose to Philly or St. Louis, but the Eagles don't scare me.


The Pack shoulda beaten them back in November.

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The Other Team I wouldnt want to face is the Greatest Show on Turf


The Rams

As long as it's on turf, in that dome. They're damn near unbeatable at home. I think they've won 13 in a row now in the Ed.


They're very ordinary on the road. i think it's 14.


The rams are unbeatable at home, but since they choked against the lions (on the road, of course), they don't have home field, which is a huge factor that is going against them

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Yes well Philly has home field advantage and their 5-3 at home.


So if I were the Packers, Rams, Cowboys or Panthers I'm not afraid of going to Philly.

Don't forget they were 0-2 at home to start the year. Different team now.


And those records could be misleading. You can't tell me you would want to play in Philly in the playoffs.


Hell, the Packers are only 5-3 at home this year, I still wouldn't want to go to Lambeau.

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The Superbowl will be the Eagles vs Ravens


Ravens will win it...

:lol :lol :lol


Have the Ravens beat a good team on the road all year? They'd have to do it twice in the playoffs to get to the Bowl...ain't happenin'


Edit to answer my own question: They beat San Diego, Arizona, and Cleveland on the road, while losing to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Miami, and Oakland.

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After watching the Packers on Thanksgiving, I would definitely not be afraid of them.


Eagles are who I am afraid of. And the Cowboys actually.

Name one team that hasn't had a game where they lost to a team they should've beaten and looked bad. All the teams have. Even the teams at the top (St. Louis, Philly, New England) have had games where they looked bad and lost to a team they should've beat.

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