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5/13 vs Brewers - 6:40 PM


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1 hour ago, SongInTheAir said:

Do we know if they planned on wearing the throwbacks and maybe just couldn't? I know some other teams have had supply chain issues with alternate uniforms. Can anyone find anything from before the season that said anything about this weekend maybe including throwback jerseys?


Also: all MLB teams split and share the revenue from merch sales, so the whole "Sherman could make more money from the sales of throwback jerseys" isn't quite right, because he'd be splitting that slight increase with the other 29 teams, and I'm sure the best week of Marlins merch ever is probably still 30th in the league. 

I don't know if that ever was announced that they would, but they did it in the past, so it seemed logical.


I'd think it has to be a supply issue.  I don't think even they can be that stupid.  I would've announced that "we intended to wear throwback uniforms, but due to global supply issues, we were unable to have them made in time", though, if that were the case.

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