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Vlad passes physical


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Press release from the Angels with quotes from the press conference ...





Mike Scioscia ? On Guerrero: ?He?s the type of guy that makes everyone in the lineup around him better. He gets on base more than people realize and he doesn?t strike out as much as other power hitters, and he?s always hitting over .300. He will fit in great as a selfless player on a selfless team with the one goal of winning. He wants to do one thing, play hard and win. He came from a great family, a true baseball family. It?s an understatement to say we are excited.?


Bill Stoneman ? On Guerrero?s early years in Montreal: ?This is a historic day for the Angels. We?re full of anticipation about this coming season in ?04. It was many years ago, in the mid-90?s, when I first saw Vladimir. He was this tall skinny guy in the batting cage in West Palm Beach, just newly arrived from the DR, and was about 17 years-old. He was a special guy in terms when he swung the bat. How this tall skinny guy generated the bat speed and the pop off the bat that was different from the way the ball came off the bat from the other players really captivated all of us who were watching on his first day in Spring Training.?

-On Angels position changes: ?In talking with our coaches and staff, we feel most comfortable with Garret Anderson in center field, Guerrero in right and Jose Guillen in left. Erstad will move to first base. Erstad?s flexibility to be able to play first base really allowed Bill (Stoneman) to go out and make some moves this off-season.?

-On the Angels future with Guerrero:

?If you put it together with all the moves that were made up to this point, I think you see the makings of a terrific club, but a club that I think all of the LA area will be very proud of. Bill has made some moves this off-season that obviously make this team a perennial contender. There was one guy that was at the top of everybody?s list and we are excited that he will be an Angel for at least five years.?


Arte Moreno ? On landing Guerrero: ?We had an opportunity to sign what we feel is the best player in baseball. It?s an opportunity that doesn?t come too often and we jumped at that opportunity. We had several of conversations very quickly and the negotiations came about in the same fashion. Bill Stoneman and the agents really worked hard and fast to get this done.?


Vladimir Guererro ? On joining the Angels: I?m excited today to join the Angels. I saw a good opportunity, the pitching staff is solid and it?s a good place to play. I?ll get the chance to get off the artificial turf in Montreal and play more on the natural surface here. It?s a good fit for me.?


-On moving to the American League: I?ll talk with my teammates about certain things and different pitchers. I believe that through hard work and determination, I?ll be able to make the transition.?

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