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Miami Dolphins WR Poll


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Lee Evans!!!


Yes I like Wisconsin, why do you ask? :D


Althought I'd much rather the Bills or Jags get him because (a) The Bills get all the coverage here and I could keep tabs on him easier and see him at training camp or (b) The Jags because they're my favorite team and need a WR to compliment Smith.

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WR rankings from nfldraftcountdown.com:

1. Admin Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh *

2. Roy Williams, Texas

3. Mike Williams, U.S.C.

4. Reggie Williams, Washington

5. Rashaun Woods, Oklahoma St.

6. Michael Clayton, Louisiana St.

7. Michael Jenkins, Ohio St.

8. Lee Evans, Wisconsin

9. Devard Darling, Washington St.

10. Keary Colbert, U.S.C.



Reggie Williams

NFL Position: Wide Receiver

College: Washington

Class: Junior

Ht: 6-3 1/2

Wt: 229

40: 4.50




Strengths: A gamebreaker...Big and very athletic...Quick...Great hands...Knows how to use his big frame...Confident.


Weaknesses: What is his true speed?...Route running needs to be refined...Needs to learn to catch the ball with his hands more.


Notes: Would be the #1 player at his position hands down in most years...Still has a high upside...A difference maker and a high draft pick.



Rashaun Woods

NFL Position: Wide Receiver

College: Oklahoma St.

Class: Senior

Ht: 6-2

Wt: 202

40: 4.49




Strengths: Definition of a playmaker...Technically sound...Great hands...Great athlete...Adjusts to the ball well...Will go up and snatch the ball out of the air...Not afraid to go over the middle...Great concentration...Plays faster than he times.


Weaknesses: Not super big or super fast...Won't have the physical advantage he had in college.


Notes: Doesn't have all the ideal physical tools you look for but is a great football player...If he were a little faster you would be talking about a top 3-5 overall pick.



Michael Clayton

NFL Position: Wide Receiver

College: L.S.U.

Class: Junior

Ht: 6-2 1/2

Wt: 209

40: 4.60




Strengths: Big and smooth...Agile...Good hands...Very athletic...Can make the big play.


Weaknesses: How fast is he?...Still developing and a little raw...Route running needs to be refined.


Notes: An underrated player who is finally starting to garner the attention he deserves...Also played a little safety for LSU...Could be a mid-first rounder if he runs well.



Michael Jenkins

NFL Position: Wide Receiver

College: Ohio St.

Class: Senior

Ht: 6-4 1/2

Wt: 218

40: 4.53




Strengths: Tall and very solidly built...Decent speed for his size...Great body control and adjusts to the ball well...Good concentration...Willing to block and do the little things.


Weaknesses: Played in a run first offense...Toughness?...Doesn't have a great burst.


Notes: Could turn out to be a better pro player than a college player...A guy who is rising up draft boards.




as far as draft picks, nfldraftcountdown projects in their mock draft:


2. Oakland Raiders: Admin Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh

9. Jacksonville Jaguars: Roy Williams, WR, Texas

12. New York Jets: Mike Williams, WR, U.S.C.

20. Miami Dolphins: Michael Clayton, WR, L.S.U.

28. Philadelphia Eagles: Reggie Williams, WR, Washington

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